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  F   U   T   U   R   E        D    R   E   A   M  S...
you're in your new life
what am i to do with mine?
living with your words
nothing else looks fine
haven't learned to live yet
as i still wake up crying
the pain is just too strong
for me to keep surviving
but i can't give up yet
to just let it be
i've still got your heart
    beating inside of me...
you hold me captive
and it's not fair
i try to turn around
but you're everywhere
i try to float
but i'am drowning in
trying to forget you
but you're all within
consoling myself
with memories sweet
hoping for my onyx
to be at my feet
but my angel blown
like a leaf in the breeze
my heart always ponders
 why?...why did she leave!
concealed in my heart
away from my fears
talking without words
in a house of tears
writing  words
that i cannot speak,
on sleepless nights
  of forbidden sleep
closing my eyes
with all my might
but sleep denied,
   for yet another night...
i hate myself
and my future dreams
yet, the faith remains
of what love means
something living
between you and I
emotions so deep
atleast I can?t deny
hearts won't change
though words may feign
if you want to love
    darling please don't refrain...
someday you'll see
the truth of light
you will know then
our love was right
how long will it take
no one really knows
but each passing day
the obsession grows
forever dreaming
of your charming smile
and imagining just
for a little while
the bliss of hearts
that's sure to come
when we join our lives
    together as one...
but is it all
just a silly dream?
are things really
as they seem?
will i ever be
able to hold you tight
or watch you sleeping
throughout the night
sometimes I?am scared
of what lies ahead
yet thoughts of you
fill my head
no matter what
happens to you and me
in my heart
you'll always be
a dream of my future
that I can see
only your love
will set me free
if things don't turn out
as i hoped they would
i'll be content
i did all i could
and i'll forever dream
of my heroine
?coz atleast in paradise
   i know i will win...
-gasper crasto