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There is no God...other than God gaspersWorld
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This image is a window in this prison-world, through which we may look into eternity... !


all the angels in heaven cried

that fateful day when Jesus died

He gave his life on Calvary

     to forgive the sins of you and me...


Peace of mind through Jesus...

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The one thing all people need and desire is peace of mind. This need is so strong it makes people try the strangest things to get it... People try drugs, drinks, education, business, politics, buying of things and many other activities to find peace of mind. When none of these produce this allusive substance, they often resort to SUICIDE...


You may have tried many of these sources to find peace of mind without success. If you have failed in your efforts to find peace, and if suicide may have crossed your mind.., stay with me. There is a much better way...


A troubled mind comes from one or more of 3 basic conditions: FEAR, GUILT and feeling UNLOVED.... None of these can be cured by the things we have, or can get, in this life; they are based on our relationship with God which includes our TRUST in Him...


Discouragement from failing to find peace of mind is very common. In fact, the wisest and wealthiest of all men, a king by the name of Solomon had the same experience you may be having. After writing for our benefit and telling us that under the sun there is no such thing as peace of mind, Solomon closes the book with this advice: Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth before the difficult days come.


Our relationship with God is the source of both the problem and the solution. We are told in the scripture that we are all alienated from God because of the sin of Adam. We are born with a sinful nature which is antagonistic toward God and must have....a changed heart to have peace of mind...


TO HAVE PEACE OF MIND, you must be reconciled to God. You must accept Jesus Christ as your own personal Savior. When you believe with your heart that Jesus Christ really died for your sins and you ask him to be your Lord and Savior, you will be at peace with God - which is the source of peace of mind.


Peace of mind is the true happiness...(What you need to achieve it..?)


Peace of mind is lost by fear. Fear is a product of uncertainty, when we don't know what might happen. God's formula for peace of mind is (but remember, it only works after you have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior): Don't be anxious (careful) about anything. (You can only do this if you really trust in God - really trust.)


Give thanks for everything. (Everything - not just the things you want or that you think will bring happiness - EVERYTHING...)


Tell God in prayer what you feel you need or want. (If your request is according to His will, you will receive it. If not, you know his way is best... ) You will have peace that will keep your heart and mind peaceful. (This is the peace that surpasses all understanding... Those around you who don't have this peace won't understand it... You may not understand it either...)


The basis on which you can have perfect peace is that you trust in Him. No trust - no peace.


Today is the Tomorrow that you worried about Yesterday !....


Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of it's own." Matthew 6:34


Feeling unloved is probably the worst feeling you can have... Many people feel that they are not loved and are of little or no worth. Let me assure you that you are loved and your value is so great that God gave His only begotten son to die for your sins. Think about that !... Jesus Christ died for your sins to make it possible for you to have a meaningful relationship with God. Jesus loves you more than anyone else... Believe & thank Him...


The 3 children who saw the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima first met the Guardian Angel, and as they say, he taught them a new and beautiful prayer: "My Lord, I believe in You, adore You , I TRUST You and LOVE You - I ask mercy for all the ones who don't believe, don't adore You, don't trust and love You!"


Jesus and Mary's hearts have plans of mercy through you: Pray...believe... and achieve eternal peace of mind... 


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