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First child of Cajetan & Adeline Barretto 

Birthplace: Sanquelim-Goa; Zodiac: 15th Aries

Named Esparansa after my late grandmother.

(The name Esparansa means ‘hope’ in Spanish (e.g: La Esparansa del Mundo' - 'The Hope of the World').






<photo: mom & dad and my brother – Hilton (below)>

Fondly called 'Espy' by everyone except dad who lovingly calls me Esparansa.

Studied in Kuwait at Indian School; attended University in Goa. Presently working as a teacher of English language at Al Asrar Kuwaiti Bilingual School. 

Honors: Goa State Rank (3rd in B.A); M.A in Economics.

Loves: Singing, dancing, debates, listening to hymns, watching the rains, etc.

Member of Kuwait's Holy Family Cathedral choir group.                   

truth about me...

i love: My mom, dad and brother, granny, close relatives and Our Creator
i hate: those who fail to speak the truth.
my biggest fear: of being cheated
my bad habit: Sleeping

my superstitions: Waking up in the night
favourite jokes: Jokes shared in the house each day
favourite actor: govinda
favourite tv channel: K.T.V (just to watch hindi movies)
favourite song: You are the answer to my lonely prayer (sung by me on stage - Goa)
favourite hindi song: Dosto tum sab ko yeh shyam mubarak ho (Sung on stage, in Goa n in Kuwait)
favourite book: My book of certificates
favourite author: God (Bible)
favourite website: 
favourite passtime:  Listening to hymns
favourite restaurant:  No specific one
favourite food:  Fried chicken
favourite sweet: Cheese cake
favorite place:  Kuwait (As I have spent more years here) 
favorite color: Blue and purple.
favorite dress: Pant and shirt n evening gowns (Party wear)
favorite flower: Red Rose without thorns